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Pineapple Clothing Review

Hello everyone!

I hope the start of August has been good to you! July has blessed me with so many opportunities and I can only hope that August brings me just as many, if not, even more opportunities to grow. Speaking of growth, I've been trying to balance work, leisure and exercise. I haven't been dancing in a while, which is quite sad, but I've started on Yoga quite a few months back, and I've been enjoying myself! If you're wondering, I go for classes at Yoga Movement. I do have a fair few sets of dedicated yoga clothes now (some of which used to be for dance, though) and recently, Pineapple Clothing reached out to me and made my collection grow a little bit more!

They have a load of fun prints to chose from! I was quite spoilt for choice, to be honest but I was very excited to pick some out. They ship from the US and although they aren't the most affordable, I'd say they've got pretty decent quality! I only got sports bras for myself this time round, but they have leggings and shirts in their active line, as well as dresses! The fun part is, they have mummy-daughter pieces, so the range of sizes are massive and for all my mummy readers out there, you can get matching clothes for you and your little girl!

I'm not too sure about the leggings or casual wear, but I was very happy with the quality of the bra tops. I couldn't decide on one item, so I decided to get two!

Marmalade Lemon

To be fair, these looked like pink grapefruits and you guys know I love grapefruits! I'd say I was super excited for this one, mostly because I don't really have anything in yellow besides one of my other sports tops!

Blue Jellyfish

This was something I was a lot more comfortable wearing. A nice dark blue, with one of my favourite sea creatures on it! I'd totally go for it if there was some sort of shark or stingray, but this was just as pretty!

A massive thank you to Joyce for braving the heat with me while we took these photos.

If you're wondering, I'm wearing a size S, so these are relatively true to size. I'm usually in between a size S or M, but I tend to opt for a smaller size for sports bras and leggings. They do not come with paddings, so just keep that in mind, I just wear those little nipple covers that you can get in places like Cotton On Body, EZBuy, Shopee or Carousell, and you're good to go. They are double lined, unlike some printed sports bras which are just a single thin layer.

Of course, if you'd like to get some cute workout clothes (they have the matching top and leggings!) or perhaps some printed casual clothes, hop on over to their website and use my code 'shawon' for 20% off your total bill and free US shipping! I hope you guys enjoyed this little blogpost, I'll see you in my next one!



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