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Ms Singapore Beauty Pageant 2019 | Grand Finals

Hello Everyone,

It's been quite a crazy month of August with the Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant fringe events as well as the grand finals! If you haven't watched the vlog yet, you can do so here.

This season of MSBP had a special place in my heart. Not only because ERM gave me a VIP seat this year - I got too excited about having an amazing 'front row seat', but because I got to meet the contestants a lot more this year and interact with them so much more.

As always, the Grand Finals was held at Orchid Country Club, and this year, they worked with Punggol East CCC as their adopted charity. If you've read my blogpost on their Charity Day activities, you would have seen them having a briefing about an umbrella sharing initiative, as well as the handing out of food rations to low income homes!

Now that you guys have had a little refresher, let's meet the ladies again!

They came out for their opening item, choreographed by Rafal Sojka.

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Of course, they had their self introductions as always too! Since there were 18 contestants, I figured it would be easier to do a slideshow instead of a grid-type gallery for you guys, so you can scroll through the images without having to scroll through the post itself! ^^

Opening Speeches

First we had the Organising Chairperson, Ms Tricia Koh, who holds the title of Ms Singapore Tourism Queen 2017. Followed by Ms Angela Tay, who is the Managing Director of ERM, then to Mr Raymond Lye BBM, Chairman of Punggol East CCC. Lastly, Deputy Speaker of Parliament and the night's Guest of Honour, Mr Charles Chong.

Right after the speeches, Punggol East CCC took some time to present tokens of appreciation to people who have generously donated to their Welfare Fund! And then, the Top 5 ladies from the Talent Round took to the stage to battle it out for Best in Talent.

Contestant No. 1: Winnie Tay

Winnie performed a Traditional Korean Folk Dance for us. I was honestly hoping for her costume to be a lot more grand, or at least different, from the one she wore during the talent round, just for a little change. Then again, I don't think the costume can possibly vary much, and adding rhinestones and all those other snazzy things that people usually do won't be as authentic as her costume already is! However, the costume probably didn't need that jazzing up anyway because I loved watching her dance! Her facial expression is just bright and her item just made me happy. I'm still in awe with her spotting technique! Its just so amazing to watch!

Contestant No 4: Joey Wan

Joey performed a contemporary dance item for us! I think the choreography varied from the one she performed during the talent round, or perhaps it was because I was seated at a different angle. Nonetheless, I thought Joey is a beautiful dancer who is well trained (go team contemp!!!!) I was happy that Joey changed her costume as well! I loved the flow-y white outfit with the rhinestones that caught the stage lights!

Contestant No. 7: Amanda Chan

Amanda performed her burlesque routine for us. I'd say most of us were a lot less worried about the chair she was working with since we knew she had full control of it (you go, girl!). Honestly, the thing I was the happiest about was that she wore HEELS this time instead of the leg warmers that she wore during the talent round. It made her legs look so much longer too!

Contestant No. 10: Crystal Huang

I was excited to watch Crystal's Teo Chew Opera item again! Of course, like Winnie's costume, there's not much use altering Crystals costume, its honestly as elaborate as it can be, and I don't think having a full face of opera make up would be helpful once she changes out for the next segment. However, instead of doing the routine to a backing track, Crystal had recorded her own voice this time round, so she was lip syncing to her won voice this time. I was just so happy that she was able to showcase her full talent this time! Loved it! I always love it when contestants showcase their talents in the traditional arts!

Contestant No 11: Janet Goh

Janet performed a chinese dance item for us. I think her choreography was longer than it was previously, but I'm not complaining, the fan's pretty hypnotising if you as me! I did wish that she changed up the costume a little bit since it's not 'traditional' per se, but that didn't mean the item wasn't beautiful!

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Up next was the swimwear segment! All contestants took to the stage again, dressed in swimwear by Melita Swimwear!

And some subsidiary awards were given out!

Optimist Award 2019: Contestant No. 13 Elisa Li Inspiration Award 2019: Contestant No. 5 Esther Leong Personality Award 2019: Contestant No. 4 Joey Wan Eloquence Award 2019: Contestant No. 14 Chan See Kei Miss Body Beautiful Award 2019: Contestant No. 11 Janet Goh Fitness Award 2019: Contestant No. 16 Crystal Wong Popularity Award 2019: Contestant No. 3 Gabriella Lim Miss Congeniality Award 2019: Contestant No.19 Genevieve Tan

Congratulations, ladies!! Up next, a tokens of appreciation were given out to the sponsors!

To view the other pictures, hover over the gallery and click on the arrows

Full List of Sponsors:

Presenting Sponsor: 300 Percent Postive Official Beauty Salon (Facial): Mirage Aesthetic Official Skincare: V10 Plus Official Lingerie, Body-Shapers & Sportswear: FABLife Singapore Official Fitness & Slimming Product: Nutrition Depot Singapore Official Brows & Lashes: Isabella Aesthetics Official Dance Studio: Dream Dance & Yoga Official Nail Salon: Nail Doodle Official Skin Supplements: Fancy Blanc Official Feminine Care: Láfre Singapore Official Hair Salon: Shunji Matsuo Century Square Official Pageant Heels: RicciNo Official Gown: Beautiful Love Wedding Official Studio & Outdoor Photography: The Makeover Inc Official Makeup Academy: The School Of Make Up Official Music Academy: Lee Wei Song School of Music Official Flowers: Flowers & Kisses Official Photoshoot Venue: The 1925 Brewery Co. Official Fashion & Streetwear: 1925 & SOTP Official Mall: West Mall Official Waxing: Flare Wellness Official Swimwear: Melita Swimwear Official Apparel for Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2019: Compressport

And here comes the evening gown segment (aka, my personal favourite)! The contestants took to the stage again, dressed in evening gowns by Beautiful Love Wedding.

I didn't get to capture all of them when they walked to the front, unfortunately. Some of them turned out kinda blur :') It might be time to change my vlogging camera, hmm!

Anyway, more subsidiary awards were given out!