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Hair Care Routine

Hello Everyone!

If you haven't read last week's post about my perm with J&J Hair Identity, you might want to hop on over there first and read about that first! But in a nutshell, I got my hair permed at J&J Hair Salon and I've been loving my curls! This hair care routine isn't really extensive, but it serves as a follow up to my perm review too.

I follow a simple regime:

1. After I shower, I usually towel dry my hair lightly so it isn't dripping everywhere, then I spray my hair tonic into my hair and massage that in!

2. I go in with my tangle teezer and gently brush my hair out so I can manage it a lot better.

3. I pat the ends of my hair more before separating them into two sections: left and right.

4. I run through the curl cream that I bought from the salon through my hair.

5. I curl them with my fingers until the form two neat coiled sections.

6. I leave my hair alone!

I was told to not blow dry my hair, so I haven't used my hair dryer in a while! Sometimes I bun each section up if the weather's too warm. Of course, I'll wait until my hair is almost dry to do that! I don't know about you guys but sleeping/tying your hair up when its wet never ends well for me.

Photo credits: Natulique

A little more information about the curl cream that I'm using (Curl Defining Hair Cream by Natulique):

- It is sulfate, paraben and parrafin free

- Enriched with Vitamin B5

- Contains naturally derived hydrolyzed wheat protein

- Prevents frizziness and provides hair with optimal shine

- Can be used on natural or chemically curled hair

I find that the product doesn't smell too bad, but I've had a curl cream from Kérastase previously that smells a lot fruitier. However, I'd assume the ingredients in this particular curl cream are less harmful to the hair. It does preserve the curls and it doesn't feel sticky which is great. I haven't had any problems with my hair so far, apart from the fact that I can't blow-dry it.

I hope this blogpost has helped you in some kind of way! I'll see you guys in my next blogpost! Stay home and stay safe, everyone!




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