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Maison 21G Mini Haul

Hello everyone! Last week's blogpost was about Maison 21G's workshop, and this week, I've got a little haul! I was lucky to get these before the circuit breaker, but then again, I won't get to use them until after the circuit breaker is over! If you haven't read about my experience at their private perfume workshop, you can click over here to read that first.

Let's get on with the mini haul! I've been excited to talk about Maison 21G because I really had a great experience at the workshop. It could be possible that I enjoyed it a lot because it was just me and Johanna, and she was very open to answering my questions which I really appreciated. Just to put it out there, this haul is not sponsored by them, I got these perfumes on my own and I didn't tell them I'm doing another blogpost etc. I loved the perfume THAT much!

For the fun of it, I'm just going to talk a little bit about why I picked each scent and attach the graphs/information about each ingredient from Maison 21G's website so that you can sort of imagine the scent with me.

Rose & Rhubarb

This was what I made with Johanna, just that she added in some of the honey essence for me. I realised you can't mix more than 2 scents on their site, but I'm okay with just the Rose and the Rhubarb! It does smell less sweet than the one I made at the workshop because it doesn't have any honey in it, but I really don't mind it at all.

Sage & Lavender

You guys know I love lavender and sage, I even have bundles of them at home to burn to keep the good vibes, so if you were guessing that these were the scents I've been wanting to blend together before my workshop, you are 100% right. Perhaps now you can understand my excitement about the hand sanitiser! Of course, once it was proven that these two did smell amazing together, I just got the full sized perfume. No questions asked. In fact, this was the first item in my cart!

If these came in a candle form, I'd be burning it in my house everyday! If you're curious, my favourite candle has been Sea Salt & Sage from Yankee Candle, and it has been for a long time!

Vanilla & Ginger

I was debating so hard on this because I didn't get to give Vanilla a sniff during the workshop, but I really enjoyed the ginger scent! I'm on the fence about buying the full sized bottle for this one just because I find the Vanilla very sweet, and it doesn't excite me as much as the other two that I've bought! I did want to get it for the fun of it, but then again, I doubt I'd use it as much as the other two so I'm quite thankful I got the mini roll on, it's also really handy to have on hand so why not!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little haul, I think using these perfumes are one of the things that excite me. In case you didn't read the previous post, my current favourite perfumes are tied between Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel and Eau de Parfum by Tiffany & Co.. I used these scents in both day and night settings, but sometimes if I want something more light, I reach for any of the Marc Jacob Daisy ranges which I useed to collect when I fell in love with the original Daisy Eau de toilette - my current fave is Eau so Fresh.

I think it's too early to say the two full sized perfumes are my new favourites, but they are for sure in my top 3 and they hold a very dear place in my heart just because they were customised by me for me. I'd say the Sage and Lavender is something that's more on the crisp side and it smells fresher to me and is a scent that makes me feel more energised, Perhaps when I need a pick-me-up for the day, that what I'd put on. For the Rose and Rhubarb, feels a little more delicate and it'll be something I'd wear to dinner or a formal event and it'll be something I'd wear when I'm feeling more comfortable with myself that day, if that makes sense. I hope you guys enjoy this blogpost! I really do enjoy these personalising services/products (of course, I think birthing Our Personal Co. says that about me already) and this just adds on to my list of personalised things that I absolutely LOVE. Do check Maison 21G's website out if you're into personalising your own perfumes! I'll see you guys in my next blogpost.




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