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OPC's Mid-Year Sale | Our Personal Co.

Hello everyone!

Can you believe it's already mid June? It's crazy to know that half of 2020 just went by. This time, I'm talking about OPC's Mid Year Sale and out collaboration with Lil' Towkay! Let's start with the Mid-Year Sale since that is currently on-going!

Sales Period: 10 June to 10 July 2020

I decided on having a little sale on some themes, more popular add-ons as well as notebooks! I didn't really put too many things up on sale since it's just a simple Mid-Year Sale, but the covid-19 period has been tough for all of us, so I suppose having a few items on sale would be fun for the OPC fam!

Don't forget to pop by our site and see if anything tickles your fancy! Do give Our Personal Co. a follow on instagram as well so our little OPC fam can grow!

Lil' Towkay x Our Personal Co.

I was very fortunate to have Lil' Towkay stumble across Our Personal Co. during the circuit breaker. Lil' Towkay is a platform that supports local sellers (or 'towkays') and I'm grateful to have been given an opportunity to work with them! If you sign up as a member with them, you can enjoy 5% off the products listed on their site!

They have a variety of vendors on their site so it is quite diverse in terms of the products that they sell! I really do appreciate that they are strongly advocating '#SupportLocal' and from running OPC for the past few months, supporting fellow local brands have become a lot more apparent and important to me.

This is just a short little update just to shine some light on what's been going on with my little business. I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in the process - whether you've bought something, looked at my site before I've launched, helped me with the development of the journals, subscribed to the mailing list or just followed OPC on instagram! Thank you very very much! It really does mean the world to me!

I'll see you guys in my next blogpost! Stay safe everyone!




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