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Lined Notebooks | Our Personal Co.

Hello everyone!

I hope the month of February has been alright for all of you despite the current events regarding the virus! Do remember to take extra steps when it comes to personal hygiene and being socially responsible. As a freelancer, the virus has definitely messed with my schedules as well as income, but I'm hoping this whole thing will pass and that it'll all be back to normal! With that being said, I'm super excited to announce that Our Personal Co. (OPC) has launched a new product in the shop: Lined Notebooks! If you don't know about OPC yet, it was something I started with a friend of mine late last year, we create personalised monthly planners, where you can pick a theme and various additional things just to make it uniquely yours! If you haven't read about that, you can read the post here.

With that being said, let me introduce you to our lined notebooks!

They come in 5 colours: Peach, Teal, Pink, Blue and Green.

It's pretty hard to pick a favourite but I kept a peach one for myself (just because it matches my planner). As we all know, lined notebooks are versatile and really handy. You can use it as a journal - which is what I did, or to pen down ideas, whatever your heart desires!

Our notebooks do come with a few little things:

Monthly trackers (which are really basic, I use this as a mood tracker),

Two pages of daily trackers (or you can literally use them for whatever you want, there aren't specific dates or months in there, so it's up to your imagination, really)

I personally love the feel of the pages, they are 100gsm, just like the bespoke planners are, and the covers are like a faux leather which is waterproof, which is great! I am working on cover options for the bespoke planners, but that's for another update in future!

Personally, I love that the lines are quite faint (they are a lot more faint in the picture, to be honest!) and aren't like, black lines on white pages because it's easier on the eye. Also, this book is pretty thick, there are 240 pages, so it really can double up as a journal! I hope you guys enjoyed this little update, do give OPC some love because it'll really mean a lot to us!


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I'll see you in my next blogpost!



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