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The Period Co | Mini Haul

Hello Everyone!

The world has been looking into creating sustainable products to save the earth, and a lot of us are no stranger to a menstrual cup! These babies have been around for a while and I've finally caved in, and got myself one (or two).

So there were quite a few things I was unsure about:

1. What brand to get

2. What size to get.

Brand wise, I feel that you just need to read through as many brands as you can and eventually decide on which one you resonate with. The Period Co. brings in quite a few brands and acts as a one-stop destination for all your needs. Just to put it out there, this is NOT sponsored, I did go back and forth about getting a menstrual cup for almost half a year and after getting more info from friends, I decided to just get it for myself. I decided to blog about their site (before blogging about the actual journey of using the cup first) because their site has helped me a lot with deciding on which cup to get, and also more basic knowledge on using the cup.

These are what I got from The Period Co.!

I got the double box from Hello cup, the cup wipes and cleansers from Lunette!

Size wise, I'm quite sure I fit the size S/M since I'm no longer a teen (size XS recommended) nor have I given birth (size L recommended), but I decided on the double box because I figured giving the XS a go could be helpful before I used the one that was a proper fit. It does take some practice to figure out the best way to insert the cup, and each brand has their own recommended method of insertion, so the best bet is for you to really read the instructions!

There are many reasons to change over, and for me, I'm just hoping this would be a good investment because carrying cleansing wipes and the period cup is better than carrying an entire pouch full of pads. Another reason for me was that I really hated the feeling of a 'diaper' when you've got your heavy flow or night pads on. It particularly bugs me when I'm on set or at events because there's the fear of leaking and theres a fear of more than just a VPL, especially when you wear tighter clothes.

Double Box from Hello cup

The box comes with two sizes: XS and S/M, both in their own cloth bags and also an instruction manual. I don't think I'll go in too much into how I'm using these/prepping them for use just yet. I'll probably put up a whole other blogpost just for that once I've actually tried it on my period (not gonna lie, I was still too nervous this month lol).

Of course, it can be daunting, like I said, it took me a while to actually buy the products because I was really scared and the thought of shoving it up really does scare me a bit. But better to start now than to never start at all, right? For those of you ladies who are still worried, don't worry, there are period underwear and cloth pads/liners in the shop as well, so those are some things you can look into if you're worried about trying the period cup.

Cleanser and wipes from Lunette

I'm not sure if the other brands on the site have their own cleansing products, but these were the only ones on the site so it made sense to just get them. I figured that the cleanser would just be good to keep at home and the wipes would be perfect when I'm out. Although the period cup is meant to be able to be used for 12 hours straight, I'm quite sure a lot of us will be paranoid. I personally change pads after 2-3 hours so that I feel fresh again.

Like I said earlier, I'll probably do a review of sorts next month or so, after I've properly tried the cup during my actual period. If you're worried about making the change, hop on over to Our Period Co. to read up more, they've quite a few things on their blog that you will find helpful! I'll see you in my next blogpost!




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